Transient & Flicker study

They are commonly known in form of spikes, swells and surges. They are very common power quality problem in a network. It can cause lot of software and hardware problems. They are normally very hard to detect as they occur for very short period.

Voltage flicker or fluctuation is again a very common phenomenon witnessed in many networks causing damage to equipment in Network. These problems could be generated because of load characteristics or from utility distribution company. Normal PQ analyzers are incapable of recoding these transients phenomenon on continuous basis which occur for very short duration.

Our high end wave form and fault recorders can record continuously for hours, days or months these transients which are than analyzed in our SCADA investigation software’s to pin point the exact reason for these transients and how to reduce or eliminate the same.

Studies are conducted to check the level of these in network and subsequently to offer solutions and remedy for the same.

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