Motivated, knowledgeable, skilled and competent work force are the golden assets of an organization.

Why should companies go for training program?
  • For competence building of work force
  • In modern day, technology & industry requirement are continuously changing very fast to increase productivity and updating of employees knowledge, skill and competence development became an essential requirement to cope with the competition
  • Only competent & trained employees can deliver the desired results NECPL offer the following to train your employee
  • Training need identification & making training need modules to suit customer needs.
  • Imparting training in various areas like energy management & safety, efficient operation of various mechanical & electrical stationary and rotating equipment
  • Maintenance & hazard identification &operability studies.
  • Consultancy & training for certification against QMS ISO 9001,EMS ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, BCM 25999 &EnMSISO 50001 international standards and conducting training programs like awareness program,implementation program, and internal auditors program.

Benefits of NECPL training
  • Team of Competent employees
  • Systematic working & systematic procedure
  • Higher productivity per employee
  • Waste reduction
  • Higher profitability

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