Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

What is Thermal Imaging ?
  • Any surface above absolute zero temperature emits infrared radiation which can be measured on infrared spectral band of electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Thermography procedure is an extremely easy method of practically monitoring, sensing and recording the surface heating and temperature without touching the surface.
  • Thermal camera is used to capture the heat images of surface of objects.

Why should one go for Thermography?
  • Thermography will analyze the patterns within the surface temperatures to detect a problem before it manifests itself into a costly failure, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of rupees.
  • It is an excellent predictive maintenance tool that improves both efficiency and reliability of the plant systems.
  • Thermography also serves as a quality control tool, to ensure that thermal insulation has been installed correctly.

NECPL offers high end Thermography:
  • We can detect electrical problems of improper connections, load imbalance, overloads, arching, corona at motors, panels, capacitors, cables, transformers & bus bars through our highly sensitive thermography instruments.
  • We can detect thermal/mechanical problems of leaks like air/steam, levels, misalignment, stress corrosion, cracking areas for mechanical utilities such as shaft, pipes, furnaces, blowers, air compressors.
  • Thermography only identifies surface temperatures, and we provide analytical reports to determine the reasons for the patterns within the surface temperatures.

Benefits of Thermography Services by NECPL
  • Timely detection of defects & timely rectification.
  • Reduction of production losses due to unplanned shutdowns.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased equipment life
  • Increased Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF) & equipment reliability
  • Increased productivity and profitability

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