POWERNAC – Detuned / Tuned Harmonic Filtration System

In network infested with high harmonic distortion, Detuned or Tuned Harmonic Filtration System are recommended.

The systems are switched through Contactors, Thyristor or combination of both. Tuned System absorb dominant harmonic as per design to bring THD-I levels in the network

Available from rating of 100 KVAR to 2000 KVAR in sequence of 1:2:2:4:4 with step sizes of 25 KVAR, 50 KVAR,100KVAR and 200 KVAR

Modular Steel Metal Enclosures

Enclosure Finish
Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7035)
Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated / powder coated

Rated Design Voltages
380V, 415V and 690V (Any other voltage on request)

3 Phase Intelligent Controller with GSM/GPRS connectivity for remote data monitoring

Backup Protection for Capacitor Bank
MCCB, HRC Fuses (Optional- SFU’s)

Switching through Capacitor Duty Contactor
(Optional Switching through Thyristor modules)
12.5 KVAR to 60 KVAR – Capacitor Duty Contactor for 100 KVAR – 185 A AC3 Power Contactor
(Optional – Thyristor Switching with PS series Thyristor Switching Modules or combination of
both TSM and Contactors)

Capacitors Bank
DUCA POWER Super Heavy Duty Series /
Ultima Super Heavy Duty Series at 525V 50/60Hz

Low losses < 0.2 W / KVAR
Max. peak current 4 In
Max. inrush current 450 In
Temperature Class -25 + 70 Deg. C
Life expectancy 150000 hrs

Harmonic Block Reactors

Single Layer Winding with step core for lower losses

Insulation Class-H
Constructional Max.Volt. 1000V
Filtering Factor 5.6% (210Hz), 7% (189Hz),
14% (133Hz) or any other filtering factor on request
Linearity 200%
Inductance tolerance +2%
Temperature sensor(normally closed) 155 Deg. C
Detuned Prevent resonance condition by shifting the
capacitor / network resonant frequency to below
the first dominant harmonic (usually the 5th)
Tuned Designed to absorb a majority of the dominant
harmonics, usually the 5th and / or 7th.

Ambient Temperature +45Deg. C max short time
+35Deg. C average in 24 hours
+20Deg. C annual average
-10Deg. C low limit

Ventilation - Through Axial Flow Fan

Protection class - IP 40

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