Powernac - Automatic Power Factor Correction System:

In Powernac Series P.F. Compensation System the power range goes from 50 kvar to 1000 kvar. They are designed for medium to large load networks. They are highly reliable, cost effective solution for maintaining high network power factor.

They are ultimate solution for compensation of unbalanced loads. The compensation is released by measuring the reactive power of the system, through 3 CTs from all 3 phases. This makes it best suited even for most unbalanced loads apart from balanced loads.

They come equipped with following outstanding features:

• Incomer TP MCCB / ACB as per rating.
• Micro processor based Neptune 3 phase P.F. Controller with inbuilt Load Analyzer.
• Inbuilt 3 Phase Energy Analyzer with Data Logger
• Modular floor mounting system
• Side/front louvers with Axial Flow/ Centrifugal Fan & Thermostat.
• Heavy Duty specially designed Neptune Capacitor Duty Contactors with high thermal current withstand capacity.
• MCBs for control protection
• Auto/Manual selection through Sel. Switch
• HRC Fuses/MCCB-35kA (optional) for backup protection of capacitor banks.
• High electrolytic grade Aluminium Busbar installed on TP supports.
• Discharge resistors (MOR)
• Standard One year warranty with NSL-10 Capacitor or three Year warranty with Long Life LL-10 Mono16 Capacitors.
• Powder Coated- RAL 7035 / Neptune Blue, structure finish.
• Bottom entry system available with option of front glass.


Control Module with Data Logger
• Measurement of A, V, PF, Cosφ, W, VAR, VA (ΣW, ΣVA, Σvar etc.)
• Sense 1% of load current.
• Auto/Manual mode selection with indicator light.
• Automatic calculation of C/k value.
• Program entry for targeted Cosφ, value.
• Number of capacitor steps are user definable.
• The consequent switching time between capacitor steps is adjustable from 2 to 50 sec.
• C+/NORMAL/C- condition lights indicate actual system state.
• Over Voltage, Insufficient Compensation, Over Compensation state, alarm indicator lights with output contact.
• Adjustable programmable Over Voltage protection for capacitor banks.
• Micro Controller based digital design complying with international standards.
• Flush mounting with rear panel connectors.
• Designed to use with Current T/F (.../5A).

Data Logger Module with Energy Analyzer

Energy Analyzer with Data Logger is having facility to record and display all the 3 Phase parameters of Mains where PFC system is connected. The recording shall be carried out in inbuilt data Logger. It is possible to log the data with adjustable time difference of 1 min. to 24 hours. Same way it is possible to display (optional) all the electric parameters pertaining to PFC system in Control module. The parameters for PFC panel can also be logged in same way. The Energy Analyzer is having real time clock and date. The 3 phase 32 parameters for Mains and PFC systems are available with logging facility to know working efficiency of complete system.

Electrical & General Characteristics:
• Power range: 50 - 1000 KVAR (440V)
• Mains voltage (working voltage): standard 440V (other voltage on request).
• Rated frequency :50 Hz
• Altitude: ≤2000 m a.s.l.
• Relative humidity: 70% max. at 20ºC
• Duty :continuous
• Temperature class:-25+ 55ºC
• Power supply line: Three-phase + ground + neutral ( for 440V mains version only)
• neutral (for 440V mains version only)
• Relay current input signal: from CT on line.../5A
• Relay voltage input signal: picked up internally.

• Indoors, floor-mounted, in ventilated, non- dusty environment, away from direct sunlight.
• Cable inlet from top or bottom.

Disconnecting Switch
• TP MCCB - 35 kA / 50 kA breaking capacity or TP ACB for higher ratings.

Mechanical Structure

• The basic structure is made of white CRCA steel sheet with mounting plate Zinc galvanized.
• The outer steel structural work is painted with cleaning treatment, degreasing, phosphating 70mm thickness paint with epoxy powder colour RAL7035.
• Louvers on front door/side panels with Axial Flow/ Centrifugal Fan.
• Capacitor mounted on front removable racks offering easy replacement & maintenance.

Wiring & Busbar
• HR FRLS Copper wires are used for all the wiring connections from Electrolytic grade Al. Busbar.

Fuses / MCBs for Backup protection
• HRC Fuse Link with base
• The fuses are of 80kA breaking capacity.
• TP MCCBs (35kA) for backup protection (optional)

• Equipped with Heavy Duty Capacitor Duty Contactor with early make contacts.
• Coil voltage 230V, 50-60Hz.

• Series NSL-10 Floppy Cap single-ph. elements wired in a delta connection rated 450V.
• Optionally Long Life LL-10 Mono16 Series Capacitors, rated 450V.

Protection Devices
• Each capacitor bank is equipped with discharge devices capable of reducing the residual voltage to below 10% of the rated capacitor voltage in about 30 seconds.

Screening Inspection 100%
• Each automatic system manufactured undergoes the following tests & inspections:
• Visual and dimensional inspection.
• Check on mechanical efficiency.
• Insulation test, 2.5kV for 1 min., Between phases and ground.
• Check on electrical efficiency at 440V, with verification of the total capacitance of the capacitors installed in the system.

Specification of POWERNAC – Automatic Power Factor Correction System

Modular Steel Metal Enclosures

Enclosure Finish
Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7035)
Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated / powder coated

Rated Voltage
380V-800V/50Hz (Any other voltage on request)

3 Phase Intelligent Controller with GSM/GPRS connectivity for remote data monitoring

Backup Protection for Capacitor Bank
HRC Fuses (Optional-SFU’s / MCCB’s)


Low losses < 0.2 W / KVAR
Max. peak current 4 In
Max. inrush current 450 In
Temperature Class -25 + 70 Deg. C
Life expectancy 150000 hrs

Ambient Temperature +45Deg. C max short time
+35Deg. C average in 24 hours
+20Deg. C annual verage
-10Deg. C low limit

• Protection class - IP 40

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