Power Quality & Fault Investigation

What is Power Quality & Fault Investigation?
  • It is simply interaction of electrical power with electrical equipments.
  • All consumer expect utility company to supply AC voltage which is pure sinusoidal .The complexity of the system to move electric energy from the point of production to the point of consumption combined with variations in weather, generation, demand, distribution equipment combined with the characteristics of consumer loads and other factors provide many opportunities for the quality of this supply to be compromised. Any deviation from normal quality of an electrical supply like distortion in voltage & current waveforms is called power quality problem.
  • An Electrical Fault Investigation will provide the information required to determine if the interrupting capacities of the power system components are adequate enough to protect your power system from instances of poor power quality.

Why you should improve the power quality?
  • Based on over 20 years of our field experience, we have found that 90% of power quality problems are caused within the consumer load networks.
  • Power quality problems have many names and descriptions like Surges, spikes, transients, sags, swells, blackouts, micro interruptions , harmonics, noise, are some common ones which cause tripping of the circuits, burning of equipment & terminals etc
  • Improving power quality can reduce operationalproblems , breakdowns and thus reduce downtime , improving productivity with reduction in maintenance cost.
  • Electrical networks often go through changes particularly load increase without consideration of short circuit level , type of transformer and distribution design, equipment rating and its characteristics resulting in failures of equipment and problems in network.
  • It will help you avoid extensive equipment and system damage, and personnel injury because of under rated equipment in the event of a fault.
  • It can reduce the risk your company faces as well as help to avoid catastrophic losses. NECPL offer end to end solution for Power Quality Issues & Fault investigation
  • We can help to identify & mitigate poor power quality issuesin your facilitiesby installing advanced high-speed power quality analyzers and recording equipments at multiple locations with GPS synchronization to monitor& record all electrical power quality parameters. We evaluate whether the electrical power is of sufficient quality andwhether distortions are being caused from power source or from load side and their levels.
  • We locate the Faults in network like tripping of breakers, Fuse blowing, Burning of Electronic Cards, Equipments failure & conduct the rootcause Analysis of these faults.
  • We can offer one roof solutions for the improvement of power quality atyourfacilitylike designing& implementing of Power conditioning equipments like Automatic power factor correction-normal, Thyristor based Real time power factor correction system (RTPFC) , Detuned or tuned RTPFC , dedicated Passive and Active harmonic filtration equipment, Hybrid Solutions ,Voltage conditioning equipment , Line Reactors and Ultra Isolation transformers etc.

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