Power Factor & Harmonics Studies

As power utilities continue to be pushed to the limits of supply capability, rising energy costs and decreasing power quality will continue to be an issue for consumers. Users continually search for ways to not only reduce energy costs, but also ensure their processes will continue to operate, no matter the quality of the incoming power.

To accomplish this, more and more variable frequency drives, UPS systems, CFL, LED, Computer and other non-linear loads are being installed.

It has been found that with increased use of electronic component like UPS, CFL, Computers and more there is disturbance in electrical system which imbalance the system and creates problem like :

  • Voltage sags and surges,
  • Power interruptions,
  • Low power factor
  • Harmonic distortions,
  • Ground loops,
  • High speed transients,
  • Electrical noise,
  • Lightning damage

NECPL Offer comprehensive studies of above issues with possible solutions.

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