Application & Advantages of AHF

  • To reduce harmonics and improve power factor of UPS, rectifiers, AC & DC drives etc. in industrial and commercial installations.
  • Performance meets IEEE and compliance to other international standards.
  • Can be used at the output of UPS, to reduce harmonic effects on UPS and increase available capacity. UPS will supply only fundamental and active power.
  • Can be used as Hybrid filter combination of Activcomp with Active Filter resulting in reduction of cost and rating of active filter.
  • Industries with Harmonic generating loads, Hospitals, Data Centers and IT facilities, Office Buildings, Airports, Shopping Plazas etc

Major Advantage to the customers are :
  • Improvement in reliability of the electrical system, reduction in cable and transformer losses.
  • Better utilization of distribution Transformer & Generator
  • Increases efficiency, capacitor life, PF, uptime.
  • Easy to commission and use

  • 32 bit, DSP control
  • PF compensation, leading as well as lagging
  • Load Balancing
  • Employees high speed IGBTs in power circuit
  • Internal CAN Communication
  • Closed loop active filter with source current sensing
  • High attenuation up to 96 % of individual harmonics
  • Programmable selective harmonic elimination
  • Required PF can be set from 0.7 to unity
  • Selection between PF and harmonic compensation
  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis
  • Self-current limiting, under overloading condition
  • Automatic current limit modification with respect to ambient temperature
  • Alarm log with date and time stamp for fault diagnosis.
  • User friendly PC Interface
  • CE Marking

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