Application & Advantages of Activcomp

Activcomp - Application & Advantages Over Contactor Switched APFC System
  • It results in Dynamic and optimized compensation of loads due to fast & accurate switching of capacitor banks resulting in better compensation and lower operating losses.
  • Various stages of Activcomp System can be switched at a same time for faster and full compensation of load.
  • Switching takes place as at zero current cross over without any transient which are typically associated with conventional Contactor based switching.
  • Deterioration of Capacitor Banks is comparatively much slower than conventional APFC System thereby offering long stable life span for LC circuit and reduces maintenance cost.
  • System can be used for power factor correction on DG supply.

Applications of Activcomp System
Welding Loads

Welding loads are difficult to compensation because of very high level of fluctuation and consumption of Reactive Power. Because of very high variation of current large voltage fluctuation is induced in these networks. These voltage dips not only reduce the welding quality but also create voltage flickering in the network. Activcomp System because of fast and complete compensation largely reduces these negative effects associated with welding loads.

Industries with sensitive, harmonic and fast varying loads

Activcomp is the most appropriate solution for industries having large nos. of VFD’s and other harmonic generating loads.

Hospitals / Medical Centers

Normal APFC Panel with or without harmonic block reactors can cause irreparable damage to sensitive medical equipment. Activcomp System is the only suitable system for power factor correction and harmonic filtration for hospitals and other related loads.

Office Buildings / Data Centers / Shopping Plazas / Hotels

Most of these modern network involves installation of large nos. of computer loads, UPS, office automation loads, energy saving lighting, elevators, VFD’s in HVAC and other areas. Normal APFC equipment can generate lot of operational problems resulting in new sense and maintenance issues. Activcomp is the most viable solution for such installations.

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