Active Harmonic Filter

Active Harmonic filters use IGBT fired circuits to mitigate harmonic distortions in the load or the network of loads where they are installed.. Our AHF series is an advanced modular Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) system. The AHF system is constructed of one or several filter modules with system controller.

Active Harmonic Filter eliminate harmonic injected into the mains supply by non-linear loads. Its response time is extremely fast and is connected in parallel to the load which is to be compensated.

Current harmonic elimination is achieved by sensing load current & extracting harmonic current signal. This and the reactive current signal together are used to generate a reference for the controlled current source connected at the PCC (point of common connection) of source and load. These results in Mains supplying only real power for the load and reactive & harmonics being sourced from the AHF. This is carried out dynamically, so that any change in the load pattern or its nature is immediately responded without any manual intervention.

Benefits and Features of Our Active Harmonic Filter:

1) The Filter Capacity Can be easily expanded at the site by adding extra Filter Modules.

2) The AHF System is constructed of one or several Filter Modules with Advance Controller.

3) IGBT Paralleling Technology is used with intelligent air cooling arrangement.

4) Compensates a wide range of Harmonics from 2nd order to 50th order Harmonics.

5) Widely used in Data Centers, IT Industries and process industries such as Cement, Metal, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals etc.

6) Ensures the Total Current Harmonic Distortion <5%.

7) Reduce Power Losses in cables and other components to improve the reliability of Cables, switchgears etc.

8) User friendly controller with communication option. Compact Design with Modular concept

9) Can be easily configured with Real Time Power Factor Correction System to form Hybrid Configuration.

10) Follows IEEE Standards to mitigate the Harmonics in electrical distribution system.

11) Compatible with DG

12) Fast Return on investment in terms of Savings.

Working Principle Active Harmonic Filter:

Specification of Active Harmonic Filter

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