Activcomp System

Conventional Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems (APFC) which were commonly installed in majority of installations to improve power factor till few years back. These systems are having severe limitations in installations with dynamic load changes, sensitive electronic loads and harmonic generating loads.

Not only conventional APFC are ill-equipped to compensate these types of loads but at a same time generate further operational problems in network by aggravating already poor power quality conditions. This in turn drastically reduces the life span of APFC equipment itself. Repeated investment in solving operational issues and repairing APFC panel becomes regular features of such installations.

Realizing this problem many years back we started offering static solutions for Power Factor Correction. Result is Stat of Art Dynamic Thyristor Switched Activcomp System which offers Dynamic Compensation of Power Factor in Real Time. It is Real Time System where in capacitors are connected and dis-connected in the network at zero current crossing through Thyristor switches. This smooth connection and dis-connection avoids the transients effect typically created by Contactors Switched APFC Systems. Additionaly this system is used for harmonic filtration through tuned and detuned reactor as per system designed.

Activcomp System offers Real Time and Efficient Reactive Power Compensation for fast variable loads, sensitive loads, unbalanced loads, normal loads with moderate to high harmonics. It has Dual Power Factor setting suitable for reactive power compensation on Utility supply and DG supply.

It is now replacing normal Contactor Switched APFC Systems in most of the commercial and industrial installations. Many Activcomp Systems are running successfully all over India and abroad since more than last 15 years. The systems are available in following two configurations :

Modular Steel Metal Enclosures

Enclosure Finish
Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7035)
Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated / powder coated

Rated Voltage
380V-800V/50Hz (Any other voltage on request)

3 Phase Intelligent Controller with GSM/GPRS connectivity for remote data monitoring

Backup Protection for Capacitor Bank
HRC Fuses (Optional-SFU’s / MCCB’s)

Thyristor Switching Module
Integrated Thyristor Modules with Heat Sink, Firing Board Circuit, Axial Flow Fan with Thermostat are available in following models :

15 KVAR PS15
25 KVAR PS25
50 KVAR PS50
100 KVAR PS100
150 KVAR PS150
30 KVAR PS30
60 KVAR PS60
120 KVAR PS120


Capacitors Bank

DUCA POWER Super Heavy Duty Series /
Ultima Super Heavy Duty Series at 525V 50/60Hz

Low losses < 0.2 W / KVAR
Max. peak current 4 In
Max. inrush current 450 In
Temperature Class -25 + 70 Deg. C
Life expectancy 150000 hrs

Harmonic Block Reactors

Insulation Class-H
Constructional Max.Volt. 1000V
Filtering Factor 5.6% (210Hz), 7% (189Hz),
14% (133Hz) or any other filtering factor on request
Linearity 200%
Inductance tolerance +2%
Temperature sensor(normally closed) 155 Deg. C
Detuned Prevent resonance condition by shifting the
capacitor / network resonant frequency to below
the first dominant harmonic (usually the 5th)
Tuned Designed to absorb a majority of the dominant
harmonics, usually the 5th and / or 7th.

Ambient Temperature +45Deg. C max short time
+35Deg. C average in 24 hours
+20Deg. C annual average
-10Deg. C low limit

Protection class - IP 40


Activcomp System for 400V-415V, 50 Hz with 7% Harmonic Block Reactors for Balanced loads

Part No. Output KVAR Banking Configuration Switching Sequence Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
PFC-D-120-P7 120 2x15, 1x30, 1x60 KVAR 1:1:2:4 800 x 850 x 2125
PFC-D-210-P7 210 2x15, 2x30, 2x60 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 800 x 850 x 2125
PFC-D-300-P7 300 2x15, 1x30, 4x60 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 800 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-510-P7 510 1x30, 2x60, 3x120 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 1600 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-600-P7 600 2x30, 1x60, 4x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 1600 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-720-P7 720 2x30, 1x60, 5x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 2400 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-810-P7 810 1x30, 1x60, 6x120 KVAR 1:2:4:4 2400 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-900-P7 900 2x30, 2x60, 6x120 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1020-P7 1020 2x30, 2x60, 7x120 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1110-P7 1110 1x30, 2x60, 8x120 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1200-P7 1200 2x30, 1x60, 9x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1500-P7 1500 1x60, 2x120, 5x240 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 4000 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-2040-P7 2040 2x60, 2x120, 7x240 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 4800 x 1150 x 2125

Note : Use P14 for 14% Reactor on above specification Use P5.67 for 5.67% Reactor on above specification Any other voltage rating & specification on request For Unbalanced Activcomp System contact our Sales office.

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