NAAC ENERGY CONTROLS PVT LIMITED offers under NEPTUNE brand the most advanced and best in World Power Quality Solutions like Dynamic Thyristor Switched Real Time Power Factor Correction Systems,Detuned / Tuned APFC / Harmonic Filtration Equipment, passive harmonic filter for VFDs, Active Harmonic Filtration System and their Hybrid combination. Our service division offers high quality power quality audits, root cause analysis and comprehensive energy audits of Industrial and commercial installation.

In recent years a lot of awareness has been generated in the field of Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtration, Various Power Quality issues leading to operational problems and Energy management to deal with low energy efficiency which are encountered by majority of industrial and commercial installation. These issues if not addressed in time to lead to recurrent losses and breakdowns in network.

With more than 20 years of experience, in fact we were first companies in India to redirect our resources in tackling these Power quality issues. The result is the state of Art and highly technical solutions developed by us with foreign collaborations. The solutions are having unmatched features and advantages. All this is well supported by our excellent sales and service network.

We have successful and satisfied Customer base of our products and solutions with more than 24000 installations in India and abroad in field of Reactive and power quality management.

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